Artificial Intelligence solutions

It’s time you thought about what AI can do for your business.

Solving problems with AI

Powerful technology, now available to anyone.

Do you have a problem that could be solved or an opportunity that might be unlocked, with Artificial Intelligence technology?

Most businesses and organisations do not have the skills and expertise to implement even the most basic AI technology in-house. That’s where our agency can step in.

Our approachable experts will help demystify the world of AI and provide realistic solutions. We don’t have proprietary technology to sell and we’re considerate of our client’s budget.

What does AI / ML mean for businesses?

Example Applications

Automated chat bots

Analysis of data

Optimising purchasing decisions

Image recognition

User behaviour prediction

How can my business save time and reduce mistakes with AI?
What insights are available with data analysis tools?
How can AI improve customer service?
I’ve heard of Computer Vision, what can it do for my business?
How does Machine Learning streamline processes?

Making Machine Learning accessible

Become an AI hero

Our Bristol-based agency helps you implement AI & ML technology to solve problems, reduce costs, cope with the post-Covid workplace and reveal insights in ways that were only previously possible within academia.

  • Identify cost savings
  • Build new revenue streams
  • Optimise processes
  • Predict the future
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Uncover new opportunities

We don’t have proprietary technology to sell you and we’re not trying to tie you in to any specific service. Clever Stuff applies the most appropriate Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology from major providers, completely transparently.

We’re not pretending it’s magic, but it is clever.

We use technologies like...


Amazon SageMaker

Microsoft Azure Custom Vision

IBM Watson

Google AI


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